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Mike and Lebs Talk Football

Nov 2, 2020


Oct 19, 2020

Mike, Lebs, and Harrison go in with both feet on VAR.  Mike cries on Lebs shoulder 

Jul 13, 2020

Mike and Lebs celebrate the Premier League Champions: Liverpool Football Club.  They are joined by Nate, Scott, and Harrison.

Jun 8, 2020

With 10 games left in the season, there is much to discuss!  Will Liverpool wrap up the title?  Who will get relegated?  What date will St. Totteringham bless this year?  Hope y'all enjoy!

Jul 25, 2019

A HUGE PANEL SHOW!  All of the big hitters return for a massive reunion!  Mike, Lebs, Nate, Scott, and Harry get together to talk smack, share info about each of their respective teams, and predict the top 6 for this upcoming season!